Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On the this post to let you know that I have finished Thing 2. Yay!!! It took me a while to get to this done. As they say time is an issue and when I need to do this mostly at work the time becomes more limited. My internet service at home is dial up and many things just take way to long as most of you realize. It was interesting to know the direction that libraries are taking in the future. I have worked at this location for 22 years and have already experienced many changes. When I started working we were still signing a card located in the back of the book and placing in a file so you can tell I have already had to make many changes with the advent of computerization. In many ways the job became easier and I find that I still have many learning experiences every day and doing the reading the Library Reports and the Blyberg blog I realize just how much I do not comprehend. In my position I will not make much use of these programs but am going to complete the program to find out what the future may hold for libraries. On to the next task - wish me luck.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Hurray This Thing 1 was finally completed on February 29. Finding out it was not as easy for a computer dummy to accomplish. While I need to do this at work because I do not have the internet at home it is hard to get everything accomplished on a break time. Will try to do better in the future and hope that the future tasks are easier.